Right and skilled talent plays an important role in the growth of a company. But finding the right talent is a challenging task for many companies.It takes a considerable amount of resources and money to hire a candidate. But with the right recruiter, you can find talent that matches the vision and goal of your company.

Bathootha HR is the one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai offering professional and data-driven recruitment solutions to companies of all sizes. Our well-experienced HR recruitment consultants help you to find the perfect fit to fill the position in your company. As a well established HR consultancy in Dubai, we have an in-depth understanding of the local job market, culture, and industry trends. This local knowledge enables us to connect you with candidates who have the right skills and hence meet your staffing needs. We also provide adequate training and support to talents to enhance their career growth.

We use technology and automation tools like AI in our selection and recruitment process to recruit the ideal match for your company in minimum time. It also reduces the overall hiring cost of the company.

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Executive Search

We are one of the trusted recruitment companies offering professional executives and leaders to fill critical leadership positions. We use our extensive network and data-driven approach to identify, engage, and attract the best talents in less time.

Permanent Recruitment

Finding the right employees for your permanent positions can be a challenging task. Our permanent employment services streamline the hiring process by using data-driven insights to match your requirements with qualified candidates. It saves time and resources for our clients.

Temporary Recruitment

The other type of talent aquisition solutions is temporary manpower recruitment. We provide skilled professionals temporarily to meet the short-term project needs of your company.

Project Based Recruitment

We work closely with you to understand project goals and timelines, ensuring you have the right expertise needed to complete the project within time. Our project-based recruitment service delivers the right talent for the job to meet your unique staffing requirements.

Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Bathootha HR is a well-known hiring partner in Dubai offering partial cycle RPO services and full cycle RPO services to meet the various talent needs arising in the company.

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Financial Services
Supply Chain
Travel & Hospitality